Hardwood floors offer a classy look and utility that will always be in style. However, time, daily wear and our Texas climate can take their toll on this home equity booster. Pets, children and furniture can also leave their marks, with scratches that penetrate deep into the finish.IICRC Hardwood Certified

Whether you just purchased a home with hardwood, discovered it lurking underneath your carpet or it’s time to make your old floors new again, call the professionals at Carpet Tech. Our team is certified by the IICRC for hard surface floor care.

Wood Floor Cleaning by Carpet Tech

Hardwood floors add warmth, beauty and value to your home. The experts at Carpet Tech utilize a 100% dust contained sanding system which provides a cleaner and safer sanding process. Our professionals will take care of anything from cleaning, to installing, to refinishing your hardwood floors.

Wood Floor Sanding & Refinishing

Professionally cleaning wood floors, first requires sanding and refinishing to adequately remove scratches and years of damage. Carpet Tech uses an innovative process that provides 100% dust containment through a powerful vacuum system attached to all sanding equipment. This equipment is truck mounted and more powerful than any available for rent at a hardware store.

This process results in a higher quality finish by eliminating airborne dust that would otherwise settle back down onto the floor. It also avoids the costly cleanup and headache of dealing with dust in the home after a typical hardwood sanding.

Once your hardwood has been sanded and the dust has been evacuated to a container in our truck, most flaws that were present in the floor are now refurbished. But we go a step further than other companies, we also use a hand edger and a buffer to create a complete and smooth surface, without any uneven marks or blemishes.

Now our team can apply a coat of stain, sealant and finish for that brand new hardwood look that will last decades!

Wood Floor Repair

Some flaws in the wood might not have been apparent before sanding, hiding under a thick finish. If the integrity of the wood is compromised due to mold/water damage, termite damage or cracked/splintered, our experienced technicians will inspect, give you a quote and repair!

Beautiful Wood Floor Stains, Sealant & Finishesgreen guard certified

Carpet Tech recommends waterborne stains for most homeowners. These finishes have no toxic fumes and low VOC’s which means your family’s health is not at risk. It also means, you do not have to vacate the premises during refinishing. The product we use has earned the Green Guard certified seal of approval, for indoor air quality.

If you want to change the color of your hardwood, whether it’s going lighter or darker, our team can help get you the right look. We provide free samples of our stains and can also match a stain of your preference.

Once chosen, we apply stain, seal for protection and finish for a polished look that will continue to protect from damage!

Wood Floor Installation

Carpet Tech installs and is an authorized dealer of hardwood floors. Stop in our locations to view samples and inventory from premium brands.

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What Others Are Saying About Carpet Tech

They did a fabulous job on refinishing my wood floor. I had had carpet over the beautiful oak floor and am so pleased to have it back!

Homeowner in Clovis, NM

I had a large living room floor that is hardwood and it desperately needed to be refinished. They came out to give me an estimate and they were out later to do the work. It took most of the day but we couldn't have been more pleased with the work. Caleb and Sage were so easy to work with and I would most definitely refer others to them! Another plus for me was the fact that they used a totally dust contained system. I really loved that no clean-up was necessary on our part afterwards. Great experience overall!!

Homeowner in Lubbock, TX

They sanded and refinished my hardwood floors. Very good job. competitive pricing. The one really nice part of their service is their dustless sanding. Having sanded and refinished the floors originally myself, I know how much dust can be generated. Carpet Tech uses vacuum sanding equipment that really made the process more tolerable. Highly recommend.

Homeowner in Lubbock, TX

I hired Carpet Tech to repair and refinish a wood floor in my home. They were awesome. They were there exactly when they said they would, both for the estimate and work.

Homeowner in Lubbock, TX

They did a fabulous job on refinishing my wood floor. I had carpet over the beautiful oak floor and am so pleased to have it back!

Homeowner in Lubbock, TX