If you want your carpet to continue to look good and outperform its expected life, then you need to take extra good care of it. Most carpet manufacturers recommend a professional cleaning every 12 months. We recommend a cleaning at least every 4-6 months from a skilled, qualified technician. The time frame can change depending on the amount of soiling, foot traffic, children and pet messes a carpet receives. And remember, vacuuming your carpet is not cleaning!

Why Carpet Tech? IICRC Certified

  • Carpet Tech is certified in carpet cleaning by the IICRC
  • We use a hot water extraction process, better than steam cleaning!
  • Our water is de-ionized, purified and cleaner than your tap
  • Carpet won’t shrink and stains will be removed, not set permanently
  • High temperature removes allergens, pet dander and other irritants
  • Our process works on all carpets, from Berber to synthetics
  • Our equipment is top of the line and truck mounted, making us faster than competitors.

Carpet Cleaning by Carpet Tech

Our trained technicians are certified by the IICRC and use special truck-mounted equipment that allows us to clean using a hot water extraction method. This means our cleaning process is 100% free of harmful chemicals and soaps!

Before & After

Spots & Stains

We have specialized treatments to handle all types of carpet soiling such as red stains, pet stains, wax, grease and much more. If the carpet is damaged from discoloration or incapable of coming clean, we can provide a bonded insert with your extra carpet. Learn more on our stain removal techniques.

Heavy traffic can take a toll on your carpet. Here are a few tips to prevent damage until you’re ready for a professional cleaning from Carpet Tech:

Vacuum Regularly

When dry soiling gets down in your carpet and it’s not removed on a regular basis, it can be harmful. Dirt and other tiny debris are extremely abrasive and can cause excessive wear on your carpet, but with regular vacuuming and immediate spot removal, you can keep your carpet looking beautiful longer.

Spot Cleaning as Spills Occur

Most spills don’t become stains unless they are allowed to set for long periods of time or if they are treated with chemicals that could potentially set the stain. With sufficiently protected carpet, even Kool-aid will come up with luke-warm water and a white towel. Club soda is a very effective home remedy. Just be sure to blot up all of the cleaning solution that you use. Don’t ever SCRUB your spots; you could disrupt the makeup of the fiber causing it to look worn in that area. Instead, BLOT out stains by applying pressure with a white or light colored rag.

Stretching & Repairs

Did you know that we also offer carpet stretching & repairs? If your carpet is bubbling in areas or there are wrinkles in parts of the carpet, you’ll need to have it stretched. If the carpet is coming up between the doorways or where it meets the tile or hardwood flooring, we can fix that too!

If you have other problems with your carpet, please don’t hesitate to give us a call, and we will have a technician come out to give you a free written estimate of exactly what can be done and how much it will cost.

What Others Are Saying About Carpet Tech

I recently hired Carpet Tech to come out and clean my carpet. From the moment I said “go,” Carpet Tech gave white glove service. Their techs came out the week before the cleaning and showed me the trouble areas with my carpet using a black light, and gave great recommendations for treating it. In between the estimate visit and the actual cleaning date, they stayed in communication with me via text messaging, reminding me of my appointment date and also when the driver was 30 minutes out. When they came out to clean they were very courteous and careful with my house.

Business Owner in McKinney, TX

The Carpet Tech team arrived on time, and were kind, respectful and professional. They helped move any furniture that needed to be moved so they could reach every area of carpet. They walked around the house with us discussing any stains and areas of concern and then proceeded to pretreat stains and then cleaned the carpet. We had approximately 1000 sq. ft of carpet cleaned and it took them about an hour to complete. We were very happy with the service and price which included stain treatment, deep clean and Scotchgard. 28-year-old carpet was thoroughly cleaned. Although we have maintained the carpet over the years, it is still an older carpet and is a very light color. When they finished, it looked beautiful! One pet stain reappeared & they came back the next day and retreated it. I have already recommended Carpet Tech to several friends & will use them again in the future.

Homeowner in Lubbock, TX

Great experience. Since I was having the cleaning done on Saturday they couldn't give an exact appointment time, only an estimated time. They arrived a little later than estimated but called to let us know they were running a little behind. They were quick, efficient and friendly. They left booties for us to wear until the carpet was dry and left a bottle of spot treatment. Very happy and will definitely have them back out next spring.

Homeowner in Lubbock, TX

Started using Carpet Tech when I lived at TTU. I personally use these guys for my office and my home. For the office we use them about once a month and at home we use them every few months downstairs near the entry. Carpets look like new and I haven't had them leave any marks on my carpets after cleaning even once. I will continue to use them.

Homeowner and Business Customer in Lubbock, TX

I have used Carpet Tech regularly for several years to clean carpets. I have been satisfied with office staff for scheduling, calling prior to arrival, friendliness and efficiency of crew, and work done. They put out bumpers to protect corners, will move some furniture to clean under it, place furniture on little blocks if the carpet below has been cleaned. I have not compared prices with other companies, but I am satisfied with their service.

Homeowner in Lubbock, TX