Did you know that one of the biggest problem areas for allergy-causing agents other than your carpet is your air duct system? In Texas, most homes rely on duct work to disperse forced, air conditioned air. In addition to air, these ducts spread millions of allergen particles during use, that buildup over time.

Duct cleaning, when done properly, can reduce your family and pet’s exposure to indoor air pollutants, allergens, airborne illness and lower your energy bill through increased HVAC efficiency.

Find Out Why Air Duct Cleaning Is Vital To Your Family's Health

Air Duct Cleaning by Carpet Tech

Our professionals are IICRC trained and certified by the American Drying Institute. We utilize truck mounted duct cleaning equipment that dislodges dirt and other debris. Then we use a high powered vacuum with sixteen, 10 ft tall bags that take up the entire back end and allow for maximum airflow at all times.

Key Reasons to Schedule a Cleaning

  • Health Issues- Allergies, asthma, animal dander and respiratory problems
  • Household Changes – Constant dusting, remodeling, new HVAC installed, foam insulation installed
  • Emergency Situations – Fire/smoke/water damage, attic insulation removal, mold remediation, pest control issues

In addition to the above, schedule a cleaning if it has been more than a year, or if you recently became a homeowner. Air duct cleanings can remove dust from construction or from years of buildup of previous inhabitants.

Call Carpet Tech

If you see dirt on your carpet, you call to have your carpet cleaned. The problem with a duct system, is the dirt and filth isn’t visible. Even if you regularly replace your filters, duct work still needs professionally cleaned and requires specialized equipment. Many HVAC contractors don’t clean duct work and refer us instead!

Call Carpet Tech today for a free video inspection, and we will show you how dirty or clean your ducts really are! Our team uses a special camera which can snake through your ductwork and find buildup of contaminants and leaks.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Did you know that your dryer vent is likely a fire hazard? Lint buildup can not only be a potential fire concern, but can also reduce your dryer’s ability to effectively dry your laundry. That means a higher electric bill and longer times which can make doing the laundry a real chore.

Carpet Tech offers free dryer vent inspections. Just think of how much better American Dryer Instituteyou will feel knowing that you eliminated a hazard from your home while cutting back on electric costs at the same time! Our team is certified by the American Drying Institute for inspection and cleaning.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

EPA studies of human exposure to air pollutants show that indoor levels may be 2-5 times, and occasionally more than 10 times, that of outdoor levels. The EPA has also found more than 105 known carcinogens in both homes and offices, trapped in growing quantities.

Schedule your air duct cleaning today to dramatically improve the quality of air in your home.

What Others Are Saying About Carpet Tech

Cleaned air ducts on two complete units at our house in Lubbock. Cleaned carpets in our house in Petersburg. Outstanding service!

Homeowner in Lubbock, TX

I had used Carpet Tech before to clean carpets. When I purchased my current home I decided to have the ducts cleaned because the house was nearly nine years old and the ducts had never been cleaned. I sent an e-mail to Carpet Tech using the quote request form on their web site and received a reply the same day. I set up an appointment two days later and Josh was right on time. He was very professional in appearance and knowledge. He explained their process and gave me a written estimate of the costs. There are coupons on their web site for many of their services. I used one for $60.00 off the job. We scheduled their first available date which was May 14th. I asked to be notified if an appointment came up sooner. I received a call the morning of May 5 stating they could do the job that afternoon. They arrive early. Jeremy and his assistant were also professional in dress and action, doing the job in about an hour and 1/2, keeping everything very clean as they progressed. They then vacuumed all at the end. The final cost was exactly what I was given in the estimate. I am very happy with the service. Jeremy told me that the EPA recommends duct cleaning every three to five years. I will certainly contact Carpet Tech in three years for another cleaning. Finally, before leaving my home, Jeremy gave me his card with his mobile number stating, "if you have any problems or questions, call me any time". That's customer service!

Homeowner in Lubbock, TX

They did a great job, were very personable and I would call them back! I found them to be excellent educators on issues with ductwork and they did such a thorough job, not missing a beat. They were two intelligent, honest, dependable and friendly young men. When a small problem developed the next day with some hanging lint on one of my ceiling vents, the response to my phone call was immediate. The young man explained the problem (possible insulation leakage from the vent pushing the upper covering of the insulation pad up after the vent was replaced into the opening), and offered to come right out to investigate. Bowled me over! Such quick response, but I took his advice and said if it persisted, I would call him back. The problem did not re-emerge.

Homeowner in Lubbock, TX

I have never experienced the personal attention and concern that I have with Carpet Tech. My technician David went above and beyond anything I could have imagined in trying to find the answer to an air duct issue. He completely investigated every possibility and really helped to isolate the issue. I would recommend this company most highly and will never use anyone else.

Homeowner in Lubbock, TX